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Trust Links is Southend’s local, independent charity for wellbeing

Trust Links works across the community with schools, youth groups, carers and social care professionals

Trust Links offers support to carers through a variety of activities and advice

Welcome to Trust Links

Trust Links is Southend’s charity for wellbeing and mental health support. Through our Growing Together Gardens in Westcliff, Shoeburyness and our new site in Thundersley, we offer therapeutic gardening and other services to help people through difficult times and find a path to recovery. But we also do so much more. Find out about our orchard, our work with schools and young people, how you can get involved and the many events we run through the year.

Trust Links’ Compost Poo Loos mark "Learn to Compost Day” – Sunday May 29

Sunday is "National Learn to Compost Day” and at Trust Links Compost and Poo goes hand in hand.
We own two Compost Poo Loos – one at Westcliff and the other at our Thundersley gardens. Both are actively used with no flushing water and housed in architecturely designed attractive cabins.
The loos use sunlight and wind to dry human waste which then becomes safe, neutral and odourless – thanks to the chimney which draws out any unpleasant smell. The toilets can easily handle the half a tonne of waste every human produces each year and after two years all poo has condensed to a point where it can be carried away in a basket.
Trust Links members and volunteers have also built a huge compost heap from the natural waste around the garden. This is constantly being topped up and used to organically grow vegetables and plants around the Westcliff site.
A haven for animals, snails, slugs and of course worms – vital to the composting process – the compost heap is allowed to ferment. Once reduced it is transferred to a next door compartment and sifted to get rid of stones or any other non-compost elements.
Based on an ethos of maximising recycling, the Compost Sifter is made from recycled bits and pieces and is shaken by hand on a contraption that is reminiscent of the type of gold pans used during the American Gold Rush era!



 For a diagram of how the system works

Factfile – Make Your Own Compost Heap

** size doesn’t matter – small compost heap bins can be made or bought

** site in a well drained spot so excess water drains away

** worms eat the waste and convert into liquid feed and compost

** vegetable peelings, fruit waste, teabags, cuttings are great for compost, break down fast and provide nitrogen as well as moisture

** do not add meat or dairy products, any tupe of poo or weeds, plastics, glass or metals

** scrunched up cardboard in small doses adds to the ventilation and increases composting production

** compost is ready when it has turned dark brown and is almost soil like.


Grow Your Own Vegetables & Garden Design Course - FREE limited places

Trust Links & Southend Adult Community College have joined forces to offer two new free courses – "Grow Your Own Vegetables” and "Garden Design”.
Our garden experts, Annette and Tracey have years of experience which will be shared on a structured six week programme.
The courses are offered free of charge as part of SACC’s Ways to Wellbeing programme. Those wishing to take part need to register with SACC and feel that they will benefit from the course - perhaps life is getting them down, or they have anxiety, depression or stress. This does not have to be formally diagnosed so anyone can register for themselves.
The idea is that these courses will help improve how people feel by being outdoors, meeting new people, learning new skills that can be put to use and build confidence.
Grow Your Own Vegetables offers all sorts of ideas for everyone regardless of how large or small their outdoor space is. While Garden Design covers doing your own garden survey and drawing up a base plan of a garden to scale to include beds, seating areas and growing areas.
Both courses take place at Trust Links Growing Together garden at 47 Fairfax Drive, Westcliff
To register contact Southend Adult Community College email or call Clare on 01702 444 584 or text 07798 617 854
More details on Facebook trustlinksltd

Organically grown £3 veggie bags launched!


Homegrown asparagus for lunch?                                Radishes for supper salad?

              Organically grown, cheap as chips and so much better for you!

 TrustLinks grows fresh vegetables organically at our Growing Together Gardens in Westcliff, Shoeburyness and Thundersley. To share our successful seasonal produce with everyone, we have launched our £3 veggie bags!

There’s no need to order online or pay over the top at the Deli. The produce we supply is  tended by our members as part of the charity’s work and tastes delicious.

Asparagus which takes two years to grow and is cut in the third year for the first time, is on the menu for lunch today, and now TrustLinks is offering everyone the chance to order and collect their own organically grown supplies for just £3.

The Veggie Bags can be ordered direct from TrustLinks on 01702 213134 and collected at any time. Each contains a mixed selection of freshly picked-from-the-garden salad and vegetables ready to eat.

Herbs, radishes, tomato plants, sweet pea plants, rhubarb, lettuces are just a few of the offerings now growing in the garden – some of which is ready and ripe to pick – and all will be available at the May Fayre on Saturday May 14 from 11am-2pm.



Refer someone to Trust Links

If you or someone you care for is experiencing mental health worries, we may be able to help. Contact us on 01702 213134, email us on or call in to the Westcliff site to talk to one of our staff. Or ask your healthcare provider to refer you or them to us.

Is Trust Links for me?

Growing Together can offer the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, undertake training, gain qualifications and find employment. Carers Breakthrough can support those that care for people with mental health problems in Southend borough through counselling, advice, information and support groups.

Keep on Learning with Trust Links and Seevic

We have teamed up with Seevic to run some courses and workshops during 2016. There are one-off sessions for families or short courses for adults. You can learn garden design or practical carpentry. You can find out how to start growing your own vegetables or get creative with arts and crafts. The courses will take place at our new site, Growing Together Thundersley which is next door to Seevic, behind The White House, or at Seevic.

To find out more about these courses, please go to or call Trust Links on 01702 213134.


Colourthon 2016
Sat 2nd Jul 2016

Latest News

Grow Your Own Veg/ Garden Design Courses
Wed 1st Jun 2016

Carers BreakthroughCarers Breakthrough is a project for any adult carer of somebody experiencing mental health problems. The scheme is open to anybody who is a resident in the borough of Southend-on-Sea.

Growing Together

We have three Growing Together community gardens in south east Essex encouraging socialisation, building confidence, providing education and training and growing communities, whilst transforming empty and overgrown plots of land into beautiful and productive gardens