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New Youth Groups support young people to talk openly about exam stress and anxiety


We recently launched a new Youth Group in Westcliff for young people aged 11-18 and are soon to launch another group in Thundersley too!


Statistics suggest that 50% of mental health problems are already established by the age of 14, so we are branching out to provide even more support to local young people in need. We currently engage with local schools who use our Growing Together community gardens on a regular basis, and we run youth clubs too, but this new youth group is to help young people that are suffering with anxiety, stress, or those who are worried about their mental health.


Holly Lippold, our group coordinator said "establishing healthy coping strategies and learning to talk more openly about mental health at a young age could help secure a happier and healthier future. With one in six young people experiencing anxiety at one stage, we want families to know we are here to help.”


Adolescence can be a trying time, as youths are coping with extreme change and their own rapid development into adulthood, as well as exam stress, relationships, and other pressures young people face. For some, it can be hard to talk about the complex emotions and anxiety of growing up, and young people can experience a range of mental health problems. But this new Youth Group can offer young people a safe and open forum to talk about their own personal challenges in an informal and engaging environment.


We have a varied programme of activities with plenty of space for young members to be creative. Last week we made pancakes following Shrove Tuesday and this week we are getting creative in the kitchen with Halloumi!


All are welcome on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm at Growing Together Westcliff and on Tuesday’s at Growing Together Thundersley from 26th March. For more information call 01702 213134 or email