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Our Feel Good Garden

It's Chelsea Flower Show Week and the perfect time to talk plants! Did you know that plants are proven to have huge health benefits, and are actually nature’s own air purifier? With many of us spending 80%-90% of our day indoors, we are all at risk of indoor air pollution which can increase the chance of stroke by up to 35%! Plants help remove some of the dangerous compounds from fuels, furnishings, and clothing, and research suggests that simply catching sight of plants can subconsciously make us feel happier and calmer too!

So,we thought we would bring a little of the outdoors, indoors, and are setting up a ‘Feel Good Garden’ inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show in the foyer of the Royals Shopping Centre to keep shoppers happy and well this week. The installation will take place on Wednesday 22nd May and our ‘Feel Good Garden’ will be there for a whole week.

Our Garden Development Manager, Tracey Brownlow said "We look forward to sharing just a glimpse of the work we do with the public at the Royals, and we welcome people to stop by and see our ‘Feel Good Garden’ that was lovingly prepared by our Community Shed members.”

The installation has been built by volunteers and features beautiful plants grown by our members at Growing Together on Prittlewell Chase, Westcliff, but we are still in need of a multi stemmed tree, around 2.5 metres high, to take pride of place in the display. The tree would only be needed for 2 months while the display travels around Southend, and then it will be safely returned, Tracey added "we are appealing for support from a local garden centre to loan us a tree, perhaps a Silver Birch Betula Jacquemontii, or something similar. We will take good care of the tree, and would be very grateful for the support”

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