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Eating Disorder Support Group for Carers

At Trust Links, we value carers as they are invaluable to the people they support, which is why we provide free counselling for carers and meaningful support groups too. 

But not all carers face the same challenges, so from time to time we create focus groups, and we are currently running a monthly support group for people caring for someone with an eating disorder. 

Eating Disorders are complex mental health problems and recent research from the NHS information centre showed that up to 6.4% of adults displayed signs of an eating disorder (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007). The condition has a knock on effect on loved ones and friends too which is why we welcome all parents, partners, carers, and friends that are caring for a loved one with an Eating Disorder to join us and share skills and information, and provide mutual support in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Caring for someone with an Eating Disorder can be an enormous burden, bringing with it feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and isolation, but with the support of our experienced volunteers carers, we can provide support for people in a caring role.

Sessions are held monthly on Wednesday afternoons from 1-3pm at Growing Together Westcliff, 47 Fairfax Drive and the next session will be taking place on Wednesday 11th September 2019. 

If you have any questions please email us at or call 01702 213134.