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Trust Links

"Trust Links is a God-send for so many"

Terry had his own gardening business, but then devastatingly a car ran over his foot and caused long term damage. For the first five years after his accident Terry couldn’t walk. "It all went downhill”, he said, "the business, my whole life!”

He found himself feeling depressed due to the pain and the isolation that his mobility issues caused. Then he found Trust Links. He has been a member for nearly ten years, and he the company and friendship has been really important to him.

Terry has now completed a degree in photography, finding that the support he received from Trust Links really helped him to complete his studies. He is a passionate photographer and often helps at Trust Links’ events.

Because he struggles to be on his feet for too long, Terry finds helping with the odd cooking task is a good way to get involved. For years he has made fresh toffee apples and honeycomb for Apple Day!

He said: "I like cooking, so this was an easy step for me. I’ve taught a few others the basics and then they realised what they can do. It’s a great place to come and make friends. Trust Links is a God-send for so many”.

Terry’s toffee apples and honeycomb will be available at Apple Day on Saturday 5th October at St Laurence Orchard in Southend. Join us from 11am – 2pm and pick your own delicious apples!