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Planning permission granted for Trust Links garden in Basildon

Trust Links has been awarded planning permission and are now seeking funding for a new community project in Basildon. Growing Together Basildon will be located at Vange Hill Drive, in the space behind the community centre which was once a community allotment plot.

Growing Together Basildon will be a one-acre site with a timber framed building with a green living roof, herbaceous plants, vegetable plants, a potting shed and a gazebo.

Trust Links are applying for funding from a range of places for the £250,000 project and are keen to hear from local companies and community members who can help with this fundraising.

Matt King, CEO of Trust Links, said: "Growing Together is an effective and impactful community project in other areas in Southend, Castle Point and Rochford and we are excited about the prospect of bringing the project to Basildon. We have had really positive feedback from the local community in Vange already and are looking forward to working with them to bring the idea to life. Trust Links is a local independent charity, and we are keen to see how this supports even more local people."

To help Trust Links with fundraising or for any other enquiries, please call 01702 213134 to speak to a member of the team.