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My first day at the Women's Group

I had never attended the Trust Links Women’s Group, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from a two-hour session. In fact, it sounded like quite a long time to be in an unfamiliar situation! But from the moment I was introduced to the group, many of whom knew each other well and had been coming for a long time, I thought that maybe two hours wasn’t long enough.

I was greeted by the warm, friendly smile ten women, each with their own story to tell and interests but all at home in the group.

The Trust Links Women’s Group meets in the cosy cabin at Growing Together Shoeburyness on Wednesdays, and on my first day the table was covered in craft materials. I joined a couple of women in painting wooden Christmas themed cut-outs while others drew, made Christmas trees from fabric, and some baked flapjacks in the kitchen. There really was something for everyone, with the activities creating the perfect segue into chatting and getting to know the women around you.

As well as the opportunity to socialise with new friendly faces and let your creativity run free, what really stuck out for me about the Women’s Group was the support.

Although the women were all different ages and came from different backgrounds, everybody that I met was so inviting that you would’ve believed they were old school friends.

Conversations were light-hearted and playful, but also covered more serious topics like job interviews and education. No matter the subject, these ladies were incredibly supportive. Advice was offered when needed, and praise was given wherever it could be.

I came away with the feeling that the women’s group gives these lovely ladies a place to feel like they belong. It is a safe space where you can have a cup of tea and unwind in the comfort of a non-judgemental, laid-back environment. It is an opportunity to explore your creative skills and also learn from other people. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and build confidence. And finally, if there is one last thing I could say for certain, it’s that the next time I visit I will be greeted with open arms.  

Find out more about the Women's Group by contacting Trust Links at or on 01702 213 134.