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More than your average garden

At Growing Together, we provide so much more than just your average garden. Steve has been coming for many years and has completed a Level 1 NVQ in Practical Horticulture with us giving him not just the practical skills needed to get involved with ongoing projects, but a huge confidence boost too. He is currently leading on the development of a new compost area for our Thundersley site and told us 

At Trust Links, our members really are at the root of our projects. Like Steve, many will have been crucial to the development of our Growing Together sites helping them to flourish and continue to be the wellbeing haven that they are. Gardening has vast benefits for both physical and mental health, but the safe and supportive environment that we provide also helps our members to feel part of a small, like minded community, who enjoy our open space for mindfulness and improved wellbeing.

Steve said "when I look around, I think wow, what a lovely garden! I have been coming for many years and have helped with projects that I am proud of, and I really enjoy my time here.”

If you or someone you care for is experiencing mental health worries, we may be
able to help. For more information visit or
contact us on 01702 213134.