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It's Time to Talk Day! We want you to know we're here and we're listening....

Today is Time to Talk Day, a National Campaign to encourage people to talk more openly about Mental Health and we want local people to know that we are listening.

Whilst the day is centred around empowering people to have a conversation about mental health, the hard-hitting facts behind the campaign are disturbing. In 2017 there were 6,213 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland and one person in every fifteen report that they have made a suicide attempt at some point in their life. While much of the work that we do is to help improve wellbeing and provide essential support to people that are finding daily life brutally challenging, we are also part of the Southend Carers Hub providing ongoing support to carers whose loved ones have been affected by mental health.

One local couple have spent years coming to terms with the ongoing and devastating impact that mental health has had on a close family member, but they recently told us how they have found solace within our carers counselling service as part of their own coping mechanism. Mental health is enormously challenging, but the helpless feeling of supporting a loved one through a traumatic and life-threatening condition is heart breaking, and whilst they still find it hard to talk about, they do recognise the difference that Trust Links has made. The couple (who wish to remain anonymous due to the ongoing pain of their experience) said "Families and carers desperately need emotional support. When we hit our lowest point, we found Trust Links and the Southend Carers Hub, and they have been critical in helping us to stay strong and focussed.”

They continued "The last few years have been desperate. Those closest to us know what we have been through, but the expertise of our visiting listening support worker from Trust Links has been incredibly valuable. She knows in depth what we have been through and is trained in the complexities of mental health. We have found that a great comfort.”

Trust Links support over 1,000 people each year and we recognise that the ripples of mental health often reach far and wide. We currently provide support for people living with mental health conditions, disabilities, young people, carers, and community members too, and this spans across six days a week at our sites based in Rochford, Westcliff, Thundersley and Shoeburyness. We also provide free one to one counselling for carers and a listening service as part of the Southend Carers Hub. 

If you have been affected by mental health either personally, or indirectly, and would like some support, contact us on 01702 213134. Our free counselling service for unpaid carers is now also available in the evenings and at weekends too, more information can be found at