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Our wildlife garden gets a new bird feeder

Funded through the National Lottery Heritage Fund, our FREE Bats and Birds Workshops will support the development of a Wildlife Garden at Growing Together Westcliff. Today, we installed a new bird feeder and will be spending the next few weeks developing the land around it to attract more birds, and offer a perfect feeding ground to help them thrive.

Common birds face a number threats, but with the role our winged friends play being so vital within our ecosystems, we are pleased to be taking positive steps to help create a  wildlife garden focused on them.  The development will also result in a tranquil space for all to enjoy.

Growing Together Westcliff can be found on the corner of Prittlewell Chase and Fairfax Drive and is the perfect place to visit. Our community garden is a hub of activity with members working hard to develop and nurture the grounds, growing fruit and vegetables, and now with our new wildlife garden bringing nature even closer to those that visit. Over the coming weeks we will continue to work on our new wildlife garden, planting bulbs and plants that will attract a variety of birds, and hopefully bats too.

As well as seeds and nuts, many birds also eat insects. If like us you like to grow your own vegetables, encouraging birds into your garden can be a natural remedy to excess bugs that could otherwise be a huge problem for growing organic produce. Birds also play an important role in seed dispersal and with many plants and trees depending on them to spread their seeds, birds encourage new growth and germination. As well as the benefits to our environment, birds are very therapeutic. A quiet afternoon in our garden with just a bird’s song and the budding daffodils, could be the relaxation someone needs to feel grounded, and be ready to face the often overwhelming world once again.

We can all benefit from sharing our lives a little bit more with wildlife, so feel free to visit us and enjoy our community garden. From bug hotels, to friendly chickens, we have something for everyone. If you would like to support our new wildlife garden, just a £5 donation could buy some seeds for our new feeder, or bulbs for our wildlife garden.

To donate £5, simply text TRUSTLINKS to 70085 and help us continue our wildlife conservation.

For more about Growing Together Westcliff, visit