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REACH Wellbeing Hub

At our Growing Together Westcliff site you can find the new REACH Wellbeing Hub, a project where local people can access specialist support from a variety of visiting agencies. 

As well as providing advice on how to access REACH Recovery College and other Trust Links services, the Wellbeing Hub will have a number of other agencies on-hand to offer advice on a range of issues. You can get advice on drugs, alcohol, housing and homelessness, carers' support, benefit, and healthier living. 

The REACH Wellbeing Hub is open from 1pm - 4pm Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays. No need to book - just drop by and we will see what we can do. 

For more information about REACH Wellbeing Hub, contact Tina Gowers at or call us on 01702 213 314.

REACH Wellbeing Hub 


47 Fairfax Drive