How to experience the therapeutic benefits of nature at home (with or without a garden!)

How to experience the therapeutic benefits of nature at home (with or without a garden!)

Shoebury therpeutic labyrinth helps wellbeing through nature
The labyrinth at Growing Together Shoeburyness

Does nature benefit wellbeing?

There’s no doubt that this past year has made us think about the importance of nature on our mental wellbeing. For many of us, walking in nature has become part of our daily routines, helping us to stay active or clear our minds after a busy day. As we found ourselves with more time on our hands, we may have experimented with new recipes using healthy ingredients, and the green fingered among us may have even tried sprucing up the garden!

mental health awareness week logoWhy have we woken up to the benefits of nature?

Maybe it’s because we had no choice but to slow down and take notice of our surroundings. Perhaps it’s because we’re designed to live in and be sustained by the natural environment. Or maybe it’s simply because there hasn’t been much else to do!

Whatever the reason, we’ve come to appreciate the colours of a sunset, the arrival of blossom in the spring and even the snow on the ground in winter more than ever. In fact, the Mental Health Foundation have chosen ‘Nature’ as their theme for Mental Health Awareness week 2021.

How can you bring nature indoors

Whether you live in a house with a garden, or a flat with a windowsill, you can experience the benefits of bringing nature into your home.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas…

houseplants on display
Houseplants – photo by Jennifer Chen

At your desk

On the windowsill

In a small garden

In a large garden


A change of pace this summer doesn’t mean that we should forget about the benefits of nature on our wellbeing. What’s more, the environment can also benefit in a big way the more we nurture it. Winner winner, home grown veg for dinner!


At Trust Links, our therapeutic gardening project Growing Together helps people improve their wellbeing by providing access to nature, community and the chance to develop new skills. If you’d like to volunteer at one of our Growing Together theraputic gardens, find out how you can get involved.

For more inspiration on how you can experience the benefits of nature for your wellbeing, see our GO GROW GIVE challenge.

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