Jassa’s Five Tips for Good Sleep Hygiene

Jassa’s Five Tips for Good Sleep Hygiene

Many of you may know Jassa from our Trust Links team. He’s a Mental Health Project worker, and currently hosts a 10am slot on Trust Links Live, where he facilitates conversation about wellbeing at this uncertain and difficult time for many. This week, Jassa focused on something we are all familiar with – sleep and sleep hygiene.

Some of us can fall asleep easily, while others may find it difficult to switch off, or maintain a deep sleep throughout the night. Recently, Jassa hosted a wellbeing video talking about sleep hygiene, and offers tips and insight into some simple changes we can all make to have a better night’s rest.

Jassa’s guide to good sleep hygiene

Jassa during his livestream on Facebook
  1. Try and set yourself a regular sleep schedule for every day of the week. If you’re treating yourself to a lay-in, try not to let it last longer than an hour, even if you’re not working. You should try to keep your waking up and sleeping times not too different from day-to-day.
  2. It can be beneficial to try to not force yourself to fall asleep. If you have tried for around half an hour and been unable to fall asleep, have a break from trying! Consider getting up and doing a calming activity such as reading, and try to avoid screen such as a laptop or phone as these can just make you feel more awake.
  3. Set a cut-off point for having caffeine, such as no coffee after 1pm. If you feel you need a hot drink, consider having fruit teas. Not only do fruit teas lack caffeine, but they’re full of vitamins that can benefit you, such as helping with digestion. Some even offer surprising benefits, such as Chamomile which is good for the lungs!
  4. Alcohol and nicotine are stimulants which can interfere with the quality of your sleep, and should only be consumed in moderation (if at all!)
  5. Napping isn’t for everyone. Although some of us can take naps and still have a good night’s sleep, for others napping can result in a restless night, or general difficulty in falling asleep.

We are all unique, and what works well for some may not work for everyone. But it is important to find out what works best for you. And if you are having difficulty sleeping, why not try out Jassa’s top tips for sleep hygiene?

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