Make Do and Mend workshop engages Southend with repurposing old clothes.

Make Do and Mend workshop engages Southend with repurposing old clothes.

Trust Links recently partnered with the REMeDY project to host Eco Days, a series of free workshops focussed on empowering our community with actionable ideas around the environment and sustainability. The Eco Days workshops take place online and in various locations until March 2022.

The latest engaging workshop ‘Make Do and Mend’ was held on Saturday 29th January, and invited the community to learn about the environmental impact of new clothing, share skills and learn to repurpose and mend old clothing and materials. Some of the activities included, patching a tear on a laundry basket, patches on jeans and a bag, adjustments to a top and a skirt, making face masks and fixing a bag zipper.

The Make Do and Mend workshop was hosted at Focal Point Gallery, and was inspired by their newest exhibition, ‘S for Southend’. The exhibition features a community tapestry by Philippa Stewert, exploring themes around sustainability and the ‘make do and mend’ approach.

Fiona Clapperton, who works for Trust Links and hosts Eco Days workshops explained the importance of the workshops:

“It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the reality of climate change and decisions we have to take to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle. We are aiming to help people understand what the transition will look like, how they can make changes in their lives and the influence they can have on their community. If we can do this in a relaxed, fun workshop setting then so much the better!”

“We were lucky to have the sewing skills of Sarah Yapp as co-host. She has done similar events previously as she used to work in the fashion industry and is now a climate activist.”

The Eco Days workshops fall under the themes of energy, biodiversity, food and more. To find out how you can get involved with workshops, and pick up helpful tips from the passionate and knowledgeable Eco Days team, follow the Facebook page.


Eco Days is supported by the REMeDY project, as part of the research into making Southend’s journey to net zero in 2030 work for citizens, businesses and the community. REMeDY is a partly government funded project to bring affordable net zero energy to Southend.