Penny’s Top Wellbeing Tips For Each Day

Meet Penny, one of our new REACH Recovery College Tutors. Last week she featured on our new online wellbeing service, Trust Links Live, and talked our viewers through some meditation. She also gave our viewers here top wellbeing tips for the day which we thought were fab! So check out Penny’s Top Wellbeing Tips below:.

REACH Recovery college tutor, PennyMy 3 top wellbeing tips for the day, by Penny.

Firstly, limit the amount of news you are listening to, watching or reading. In a world where we can access information and negative news 24/7, now is a good time to limit this. This is especially important late at night and before you go to bed as feeling relaxed and calm is important to help you sleep. Stay informed, yes, but once or twice a day is enough.

My second wellbeing tip is to develop a morning routing instead of reaching for your phone or watching the news. Developing a practice such as journaling, meditating, praying, listening to relaxing music, breathing for 5 minutes, are all great habits to start your day well. Beginning the day with a good morning routine has a positive impact on your thoughts which in turn has a positive effect on your feelings.
Last but not least, practicing mindfulness in our day to day life by capturing our thoughts to stay in the present moment. Becoming aware of our thoughts, just noticing them, not judging them, just saying to yourself something like, “Oh, I’m thinking that again” may just be enough to interrupt a train of thought and bring you back to the present moment. Remember, you are not your thoughts. BE HERE NOW.

Today’s affirmation: I lovingly accept myself, I breath in calm and breath out stress.

Try and tell yourself at least one positive affirmation every morning, and start your day with some positivity.

Love Penny.