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REACH members at the 2018 BBQ

Growing Together Rochford is currently closed to the public. You can access REACH Recovery College workshops, classes and activities online and through Zoom. We are also reintroducing some face-to-face courses and workshops where possible within health and government guidelines. Please see below for full details and timetable.

The REACH Recovery College runs a wide range of courses, workshops and activities to help you better understand your mental health and learn strategies to manage your mental health. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, low mood or a similar mental health condition, the REACH team can support you on your road to recovery.

Going to REACH gives me a reason to get out of the house and then I have more energy to deal with things at home when I get back.

REACH is a safe and supportive learning environment where you can meet others going through similar issues and share your experiences with people who understand what it’s like to live with a mental health condition. Our courses and workshops are all completely free.

Coronavirus – Online Provision

You can now access many REACH Recovery College workshops, courses and activities online. Our courses and groups are being held via the Zoom meeting app, which you can download here. Zoom is very easy to use and we will provide additional support if needed.

Once you’ve confirmed with us over the phone or in an email that you’d like to join a course, we’ll send you Login details and how to access the Zoom meeting for your course. We can help you use digital technology and Zoom if needed.

We will be in contact with current REACH members to enroll them on courses and workshops that they were part of before the lockdown. As this is a new format, class and group sizes are being kept small; please be aware that, if you do not get a space on the first course or workshop you wish to join, we will announce more courses and more dates soon.

Register for REACH at the bottom of the page, send us an email or call Trust Links at 01702 213 134 for more information about accessing scheduled REACH Recovery College courses via Zoom.

You can also access Trust Links Live, our online base for accessing Trust Links on Facebook. There is a REACH Recovery College group on Facebook, where you can connect with other College members and contact REACH support tutors. Joining our Facebook group and following Trust Links Live is a great way to stay connected, share tips and access support on keeping positive and healthy whilst staying indoors. We are working all the time to improve our REACH services online, to make sure that we can provide the best possible support for our members, staff and volunteers at this difficult time.

Explore our Prospectus to find out which courses and activities will most benefit your wellbeing journey. Then take a look at our timetabled courses, workshops and groups below.

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I understand my anxiety now, what causes it and ways to deal with it.

Courses and Workshops

(While we make every effort to run the timetable as published, please be aware this timetable is liable to change.)

Online Courses Start Date Duration
Positive Communication Monday 7th Sept 2.30pm – 3.30pm 3 sessions
Understanding Anxiety Monday 12th October  2.30pm -3.30pm 3 sessions
Managing Low Mood Tuesday 8th Sept 1pm to 2pm 6 sessions
My Wellbeing Journal Thursday 8th October 1pm – 2pm 4 sessions
Confidence Building Friday 4th September 1pm – 2pm 4 sessions
Face to face Courses at Rochford Start Date Duration
Understanding Anxiety Wednesday 16th Sept  1pm – 2pm 3 sessions
Confidence Building Thursday 8th October 11am – 12 4 sessions
Online Workshops Wed 10am –11am Friday 1pm -2pm Duration
Introduction to REACH



Dealing with Panic Attacks

Confidence and Self Esteem

Healthy Sleep Habits

Core Beliefs

Positive Thinking

Money Management

Monday 5th October 2.30pm – 3.30

Wednesday 7th October

Wednesday 14th October

Wednesday 21st October

Wednesday 28th October

Friday 2nd October

Friday 9th October

Friday 16th October

Friday 23rd October


1 session each

Face to face workshops at Rochford Start Date – All 11am – 12 Duration

Confidence and Self Esteem

The Labyrinth

Managing Anxiety

Thursday 10th September

Thursday 17th September

Thursday 24th September

Thursday 1st October

1 session each

Groups and Activities

Groups and activities Ongoing
Walking Groups in Priory Park


Group 1 Monday 10.30am – 12

Group 2 Monday 12.30 – 1.30pm

REACH Out Monday Online Monday 1pm – 2pm
Online Poetry Group Tuesday 11am – 12
Online Coffee Group – Gents

Online Coffee Group – Ladies

Tuesday 2pm – 3pm

Tuesday 3pm –  4pm

Online Games Group Wednesday 11am – 12
Wednesday Online Gathering Wednesday 2.15pm – 3.15pm
Online Book Club Thursday 2pm – 3pm
Online Cookery Friday 11am – 12

REACH Out are our social and activity groups, which run from 1pm – 3pm on Mondays at Rochford, Thursdays at Thundersley and on Fridays at our Westcliff site. These sessions are a great taster of the activities, services and support available through REACH. Meet our tutors and discuss what’s on offer and how we can respond to your particular needs.

Workshops are one-off sessions that give you a taster of a longer course or raise awareness around a specific condition. Courses can run from three to eight weeks and combine creative activity with mental health education to help you manage your wellbeing. Our courses can teach you to:

  • Manage low mood, panic attacks, stress and anxiety
  • Learn how thinking patterns and activity levels can affect mood
  • Prepare for work and volunteering
  • Live a healthier and more active lifestyle through cooking and exercise

And much more.

I’ve really enjoyed the course: it’s made me more confident.

You don’t need a diagnosis or a referral to come to REACH – register below and we will get in touch.

Register with REACH

If you are struggling with specific issues like housing, drug and alcohol abuse, healthy living or benefit issues, the REACH Wellbeing Hub at Growing Together Westcliff provides access to specialist advice from visiting agencies.

It’s given me hope. It’s given me options.