Sir David Amess MP supports our new online wellbeing service

Sir David Amess MP supports our new online wellbeing service

At Trust Links, we are concerned for the wellbeing of those self-isolating due to social distancing measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and have adapted the way we work to be offer more support online. Usually we support around 1,500 people every year with our therapeutic gardening programmes, counselling, work programmes, and mental health and wellbeing coaching, but we have had to suspend all face to face services and as such, are concerned for those now isolated.

Our Chief Executive, Matt King, spoke with Sir David Amess MP in an online video interview at the weekend who shared his admiration for the work we are doing to reach out and support people through free online resources, and he commended the team for their efforts. He said “It’s a wonderful service you offer in normal times… It’s so good to hear you will be able to still offer a service online. Thank you to you and your team for what you are doing for people with mental health issues.”

The Member of Parliament for Southend West spoke openly about how worrying the situation is, reassuring viewers that he sympathised with the social distancing restrictions. He said “I really do understand the anxieties of each and every one of you” and continued “On a wider basis, anyone who wants to contact me just email me on or telephone me on 020 7219 3452. I wish everyone well.”

Matt said “It was great to hear that Sir David supports the work we are doing at Trust Links. We are being as creative as we can to ensure we reach out to those that are feeling isolated, and really hope people will continue to engage with us online. Our new Facebook page, Trust Links Live, is a free, interactive place for anyone to get wellbeing advice, and stay connected during these difficult times.”

For more information visit or search for Trust Links Live on Facebook. There are live feeds 4 times a day and all are welcome to join in. You can watch the interview here: