Trust Links launch new live wellbeing sessions!!!

UPDATE: Trust Links Live content is now also available on YouTube


At Trust Links we are worried for those self-isolating in an attempt to safeguard our most vulnerable from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and our Chief Executive, Matt King, and the Trust Links team have been addressing our community via online platforms to offer support and reassurance.

He has raised concerns about people’s wellbeing and said “Self-isolation and social distancing will be hard for everyone, but especially for people that already feel isolated and anxious.”

He continued “We have had to make the decision to suspend all face to face services at Trust Links until it is considered safe to open again, which will be a real blow for those we support. But we are using this as an opportunity to bring about positive change in new ways! We have launched a new Facebook page called Trust Links Live and will be bringing live online activities, topics and support from our team for anyone to engage with. This will mean that for the first time our expert advice will be available to anyone, anywhere in the world, and from the comfort of their own home!”

Whilst we know that the impact of isolation will still be problematic for many, we are confident that we can help people overcome anxiety, set positive routines and stay connected throughout the pandemic.

Matt added “We are set up to run REACH Recovery College Courses online and are keen to hear from volunteers that might like to get involved with our new digital journey. From learning a new language, to practicing mindfulness, there are lots of ways people can pursue wellbeing from home and we hope lots of people will tune in, share our new page, and get involved. Many people will miss being at our Growing Together community gardens and the interaction with nature, which is so important for people’s mental health and wellbeing. We encourage people to enjoy their own gardens and public parks, and will be giving daily tips on gardening and ways to appreciate nature. ”

With around 14 per cent of people with the Covid-19 virus needing to go to hospital, the Government are insisting people stay home where possible, and with the imminent closure of local schools upon us, connecting people using free online tools could be a vital way of safeguarding peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.

We will be live streaming 4 times a day and encourage everyone to join us in a bid to avoid the effects of isolation. We will start with a ‘Wellbeing tip of the day’ at 10am, then we will offer the opportunity to ‘Learn and practice a skill’ at 11am. After lunch at 1pm we will hold a live question time followed by virtual tours and gardening tips live from our Growing Together community gardens at 3pm.

In uncertain times such as there, we stress the importance of keeping some kind of routine and continuing the things that feel normal. Matt explained “we often take our routine for granted, but it is so important to our wellbeing. A break in the norm can be quite refreshing for a day or two, but an enforced break like this can leave people feeling vulnerable and disconnected. So please tune in to our new live sessions on Facebook @trustlinksonline.”

For advice and support call us on 01702 213134 Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm and our team will do their best to help or signpost you. Visit for more details.