Week 1 – Mini-Beasts

We’re kicking off Week One with Mini-Beasts, where you can learn all about the miniature beasts living in your garden! From ladybirds to blackflies, there are so many kinds of mini-beasts for you to discover in your garden or at the park.

There are fascinating creatures living all around us and there is so much to learn about them. Join Toady in discovering the names and how to spot mini-beasts in the garden. Learn how to make a Worry Beast, a quirky friend who is there for you to gobble up your worries, and later on in the week you can see how to make all kinds of cardboard bugs for playtime.

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes this week here.

In The Garden

What can you find in your garden? Join Toady to learn about Aphids and Ladybirds before going on your own mini beast bug hunt! Remember to tick them off on the activity sheet below!

Click HERE to download Week 1 – In the Garden: Ladybirds and Aphids activity

Wellbeing for Children

Learn how to make a Worry Beast – a homemade friend you can make out of whatever you like from around your house. Whenever you feel sad or angry, you can feed your feelings to your Worry Beast – who will gobble them up and help you feel better. All you need to do is give them a name and put lots of love into making your Worry Beast!

Click HERE to download Week 1 – Wellbeing for Children: Make a Worry Beast activity!

Wellbeing for Parents

Let’s think about what makes your family special. Help Toady complete his shield by designing your very own family crest! Use colouring pencils to draw out some of the magical memories you have with your family, draw your pets, or even draw the members of family!

Click HERE to download Week 1 – Wellbeing for Parents: Create a family crest activity! 


Wildlife and the World

A bug hotel is a place where creatures such as toads, hedgehogs, solitary bees, ladybirds and woodlice can hide, sleep and feed. Do you want to help them do this? Great! Learn how to make your own bug hotel or house using the sheet and video below!

Click HERE to download Week 1 – Wildlife and the World: Building a bug hotel activity

Express Yourself

Sing-along with Toady and your friends with this song, “Going to See Some Bugs” – all about the mini-beasts and creepy crawlies you can find in your garden. Make sure to sing-along with our music video!

Click HERE to download Week 1 – Express Yourself: Mini-Beasts sing along and colouring activity 

Getting Creative

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. They have legs, bodies, heads, eyes, and some have wings and feelers. Now it’s time to get creative! Use your imagination to create your very own wonderful creature and give it a name.

Click HERE to download Week 1 – Get Creative: Create a cardboard bug activity!