Week 10 – Trees

In The Garden

When trees self-seed, they drop their seeds in the autumn, and the young shoots from these trees appear in the spring and summer. These seedlings might later form a woodland or forest! How many seedlings can you find?

Click HERE to download Week 10 – IN THE GARDEN: Seedlings activity 

Wellbeing for Children

Toady thinks being kind is very important. Kind hands and kind words help make the world a nicer place to be. Think of all the kind things you do and then stick them to the kindness tree! How big can your tree become when you do lots of nice things?

Click HERE to download Week 10 – WELLBEING FOR CHILDREN: Kindness Tree activity

Wellbeing for Parents

Trees and woodlands are kind of like people – singular, yet part of something bigger, and get stronger as we grow (like an individual person in a family unit). What are the roots or foundations of your family that make you feel close and ‘together’?

Click HERE to download Week 10 – WELLBEING FOR PARENTS: Toad in Hood Tree activity

Wildlife and the World

In this activity you’ll be able to go scavenging for leaves, and then make your very own leafy bunting. Hang it in your bedroom to bring a little bit of nature indoors!

Click HERE to download Week 10 – WILDLIFE AND THE WORLD: Leaf Bunting activity

Express Yourself

Make your own forest scape using only a few materials – display for your friends to see and play with, or maybe use your set to put on shows for your family.

Click HERE to download Week 10 – EXPRESS YOURSELF: Forest Scape activity

Getting Creative

The Cherry blossoms on a tree is one of the beautiful sights of Spring. Create your own with your finger prints and get all mucky!

Click HERE to download Week 10 – GET CREATIVE: Cherry Blossom activity