Week 11 – Energy

In The Garden

Today we are going to look at how to upcycle a used drinks bottle to ‘target water’ your plants. Target watering means the water will go directly to the roots and is less likely to evaporate off the top of the soil! How big will your plants grow?

Click HERE to download Week 11- IN THE GARDEN: Upcycling and targeted watering 

Wellbeing for Children

Toady experiences all kinds of feelings, especially when he has lots of different things going on in his life. One of his favourite things to do is sit down with his sensory bottles. Watching all the different items float around inside the bottle makes Toady feel very relaxed. What will you put in yours? Remember to use lots of colours!

Click HERE to download Week 11 – WELLBEING FOR CHILDREN: Sensory bottles activity

Wellbeing for Parents

There are lots of different energies we feel from day-to-day. For this exercise, we’re going to focus on positive energy and how we can pass that ‘feel-good energy’ onto others!

Click HERE to download Week 11 – WELLBEING FOR PARENTS: Positive energy

Wildlife and the World

Making compost is a good way of recycling material. However, not everything is suitable for composting. Try and put the right items in the right bin, and learn how you can do your bit for the world around us!

Click HERE to download Week 11 – WILDLIFE AND THE WORLD: Recycling and compost game

Express Yourself

Fables have a moral or lesson to be learned. In other words, they have a happy or positive ending, with a message behind the story changing the way we think. Here are a couple of short stories for you to read, think about, then act out with your friends so you can teach others the message you learn!

Click HERE to download Week 11 – EXPRESS YOURSELF: Fables activity

Getting Creative

Sailing boats use the energy of the wind, which catches their sails and pushes them along. Learn how to make your own sail boat in the activity below. Then, if you use wax on the bottom you could even try and make it float!

Click HERE to download Week 11 – GET CREATIVE: Sailing boat activity