Week 12 – Transition and Change

Blooming Well Stickers

Click HERE to download our Blooming Well stickers page

In The Garden

Here’s a little lesson in gardening with Anna – potting on! Splitting your plants is a great idea for homemade gifts, and gives you a chance to practice your new gardening skills!

Click HERE to download Week 12 – IN THE GARDEN: Potting On activity

Wellbeing for Children

Just like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly you too will be changing, growing and spreading your wings. Follow along with the activity sheet below and make your own beautiful butterfly!

Click HERE to download Week 12 – WELLBEING FOR CHILDREN: Butterflies activity

Wellbeing for Parents

All families are special, so lets think about YOUR Can each of you think of just one word to describe your family and let them know how you feel about them?

Click HERE to download Week 12 – WELLBEING FOR PARENTS: What We’ve Done Together activity

Wildlife and the World

Let’s take a look at how things change over time. How have you changed since you were a baby? Find an old photo of yourself, and then draw yourself as you are now to think about how you’ve grown!

Using this list, can you name the adult creatures below and then draw a line to match them up to their offspring?

Click HERE to download Week 12 – WILDLIFE AND THE WORLD: Baby Animals activity 

Express Yourself

Imagine you are a character in a film or a fantastic creature. What would you like your character to transform from and into? We’ve also included some fantastic films that will help you think about transformations!

Click HERE to download Week 12 – EXPRESS YOURSELF: Disney Transforming Characters activity

Getting Creative

Reading is so good for us. When we read, we learn about other places, people and events in history. It helps our brains concentrate more and even changes us to understand the world and people around us better. Get ready to return with school with these quirky bookmarks!

Click HERE to download Week 12 – GET CREATIVE: Funny Book Marks and Back to School Book Worms