Week 2 – Looking After Yourself

For week 2, it’s all about looking after yourself. There are lots of ways that we can look after ourselves, and it’s really important that we take care of our body and our mind!

Below, you’ll find some great activities that’ll help you look after yourself, and others. You can paint some positivity pebbles to keep or share with others, learn about emotions checklists, and even practice growing your own delicious vegetables! Yum!

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes this week here.

In The Garden

Herbs are delicious AND good for you! Here’s one of your first lessons in gardening – planting your own herbs! Don’t worry, there are instructions to follow in the activity sheet below.

Click HERE to download the Week 2 In The Garden: Potting Herbs Activity

Wellbeing for Children

Fill out this self care poster using lots of bright colours and the stickers below to help you better understand your emotions.

Click HERE to download the Week 2 – Wellbeing for Children: Self Care Stickers

Click HERE to download the Week 2 – Wellbeing for Children: Self Care Poster

Wellbeing for Parents

We all struggle a bit from time-to-time. Complete this form when you next feel low, and come back to it as a reminder
of ways to help yourself cope.

Click HERE to download Week 2 – Wellbeing for Parents: My Family Safety Plan

Wildlife and the World

Time to get mucky and play outside – Use things you find your garden to help you make a sticky mud creature before making a windchime for your garden!

Click HERE to download the Week 2 – Wildlife and the World: Making Mud Creatures Activity

Express Yourself

Imagine all the wonderful things you would have inside your own magical woods. What does it look like? What can you hear? Now it’s time to bring your imagination to life!

Click HERE to download Week 2 – Express Yourself: Dreams & Magic Woods Activity

Getting Creative

Paint a positivity pebble and keep it in your Blooming Well box to look back on when you’re feeling a bit glum. You could also take it with you on a walk, and leave it for someone else to find!

Click HERE to download Week 2 – Get Creative: Positivity Pebbles Activity!