Week 3 – Grow Your Own Food

For Week 3 of Blooming Well you could learn some fantastic new skills as we look at growing your own food! Planting your own seeds and watching your hard work grow a little more each day can be incredibly rewarding, and when growing vegetables, you even get a reward at the end – eating what you’ve grown!

There are lots of great other things to do this week too!

This week you’ll be able to grow your own cress-heads, make lavender salt-dough, learn some gardening skills and get creative.

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes this week here.

In The Garden

In this activity, you won’t just practice your gardening skills, you’ll make a little friend too! Join in with the activity below to make your very own cress-head friend

Click HERE to download Week 3 – In the Garden: Cress Heads activity

Wellbeing for Children

Today we’re playing chefs, and you need to make some food models! But first, you’ll need to make the lavender salt dough. Follow the instructions in the activity sheet below for this fantastic sensory exercise. Please note – lavender salt dough is used for modelling, not for eating.

Click HERE to download Week 3 – Wellbeing for Children: Lavender salt dough activity

Wellbeing for Parents

What makes us squeamish or not feel nice? Thoughts, feelings, things around us…where do these feelings come from? Check out the activity for the blindfold feel test below!

Click HERE to download Week 3 – Wellbeing for parents: Cringe and Yuck activity 

Wildlife and the World

How many foods from around the world have you tried? There are some great foods out there! Here are some popular ones to look out for while you do some relaxing colouring in.

You can also learn how to sow your own delicious beans to eat with your dinner in the video below!

Click HERE to download Week 3 – Wildlife and the World: Foods from around the world activity.

Express Yourself

Create your own vegetable friend, and have them join you on this wonderful sing along! You will need the help of an adult on this activity.

Click HERE to download Week 3 – Express Yourself: Vegetables Activity

Getting Creative

Toady doesn’t like waste, and so he’s going to teach you how to turn those little bits of vegetables into some wonderful vegetable plants!

Click HERE to download Week 3 – Get Creative: vegetable scraps activity