Week 4 – People Who Help Us

For Week 4 of Blooming Well we will be looking at all of the people that help us, old medicines, and also learn some ways that we can help and be kind to others!

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes this week here.

In The Garden

Did you know that herbs used to be used by Monks to help the sick? Me neither! Take a look at the activity sheet below and learn about how herbs we used, and try and discover their original names.

Click HERE to download Week 4 – In the Garden: Monks and Herbs activity

Wellbeing for Children

Sometimes when we are feeling sad or worried it is good to remind ourselves of all of the beautiful things we have around us. See how many things you can find from the activity below!

Click HERE to download Week 4 – Wellbeing for Children: Gratitude Scavenger Hunt activity

Wellbeing for Parents

This week we’re going to focus a little bit on living in the moment, and trying not to get too stuck in the past. Watch the video below for an introduction on mindfulness for parents and guardians, and take a look at the activity sheet for mindful walking and getting in tune with your senses.

Click HERE to download Week 4 – Wellbeing for Parents: Mindfulness for parents and guardians activity

Wildlife and the World

There are so many ways we can say thank you to people that help us – with a hug, our words, maybe even making a gift! In the video below, you can see how easy it is to make a beautiful flower bouquet to give to someone that helps you. You can also print off the activity sheet below and list all the people that help you and do some colouring!

Click HERE to download Week 4 – Wildlife and the World colouring activity 

Express Yourself

There are some amazing people in the world, like our parents or guardians, doctors and fireman – they’re almost like super heroes!

Can you use your imagination to create your own superhero? What would your super-name be? What would you change? Take part in the activities below!

Click HERE to download the Week 4: Express Yourself: Super Heroes activity 

Getting Creative

When it comes to people that help us, Toady thinks of doctors, police men and firemen! For this activity, you can learn how to make your very own ambulance with only a few materials! If you’ve made your ambulance, why stop there!?

Try making a police car, fire truck, or any other vehicle of someone that helps you.

Click HERE to download Week 4 – Get Creative: Make an ambulance activity