Week 5 – Sports

For Week 5 of Blooming Well we’re getting active and looking at at sports! This week, you’ll learn some great exercises that’ll help you get fit, relax and have fun! You even get to create your own game to play with a friend.

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes this week here.

In The Garden

People can race, animals can race, cars can race – but now, so can flowers! Grow your sunflowers, and use the sheet below to track who’s sunflower will grow the biggest! Watch the video below to see a sunflower as tall as a person!

Click HERE to download the Week 5 – In The Garden Sunflower Race activity

Wellbeing for Children

Yoga is a fantastic way to help your body and mind. It’s a great way to relax when you’re feeling a little bit tense too! Join in with the video below and you’ll see just how easy it is for both children and grown ups. If you want to see Toady demonstrate the poses, download the activity sheet below.

Click HERE to download Week 5 – Wellbeing for Children: Yoga activity

Wellbeing for Parents

Life can be a little bit chaotic from time to time, much like a circus. So, what if your family life was in fact a circus? Think of some of the talents that the members of your family have, and turn those whacky and wild energies into your very own family circus.

Click HERE to download the Week 5 – Wellbeing for Parents: Circus activity 

Wildlife and the World

There are 2 activities for Wildlife and the World this week. The first is in the video below, and it’s a chance to create your own sports game from recycled materials.

Let’s see how many items on the activity sheet can you find in 30 minutes. Want to race? Ready…Steady…Go!

Click HERE to download Week 5 – The World Around Us: Scavenger hunt activity

Express Yourself

Playing ‘Back to Spot’ isn’t just going to give you some exercise – it’s great fun too. Some of you might not have played this before, and that’s fine! You can find the instructions in the activity sheet below, and check out the video to watch a demonstration.

Click HERE to download the Week 5 – Express Yourself: Back to Spot activity

Getting Creative

I think after all the sporty activities this week you deserve a medal. It’s a shame Toady can’t be there to give you one himself. Use the activity sheet below to make your very own paper plate rosette to wear, or hang it on display for the family to see!

Click HERE to download the Week 5 – Get Creative: Paper Plate Rosettes activity