Week 6 – The Seasons

What’s your favourite season? Toady loves the summer!

This week’s topic is The Seasons! All the exciting activities you will do are about the weather, seasonal animals, composting and lots more!

Check out the videos and activity sheets for each of the six themes below.

In The Garden

Compost is a wonderful thing that can help plants and veg to grow to be big and strong. In the activity below, you’ll be able to make your own, and watch as lots of little things slowly come together to become one big pile of compost for you to use!

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – In the Garden: Compost Experiment activity

Wellbeing for Children

There are lots of things that make each and every one of us very special. But sometimes when we’re feeling a bit blue, it can be hard to remember all of the good bits. Now, you can make your very own self-esteem clouds, with all the great things that make you, you.

Afterwards, hang it up somewhere to remind yourself of all the great qualities you have!

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – Wellbeing for Children: Self-esteem clouds activity

Wellbeing for Parents

Our feelings can often make things a little bit complicated, and we don’t always know how to express certain feelings to others.

Using the activity sheet, you can use the branch to scale emotions when it’s difficult to say how you’re feeling.

With the Treasure of Toad Isle map, you’ll also be having a think about some things that can help cheer you up when you’re feeling a bit glum.

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – Wellbeing for Parents: Treasure of Toad Isle activity

Wildlife and the World

Match the sentences with the animals in the activity sheet, and have a think about when these animal antics might take place.

You can also help the hedgehogs using the video below, where you’ll learn how to make your own hedgehog house!

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – Wildlife and the World: What Season am I activity

Express Yourself

It’s time to make some music! Using the sheet below, you can make your own instruments and use them to sing along with the video below!

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – Express Yourself: Pond life Lyrics sheet

Getting Creative

In this activity, you’ll see how you can make your own hedgehog friends, and some seasonal trees! How big can you make your cardboard tree?

Click HERE to download the Week 6 – Get Creative: Hedgehog activity