Week 7 – Birds

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In The Garden

Let’s go on a bird-themed scavenger hunt! In this activity, you’ll learn about things that we might have in the garden that can attract birds. Then, use the activity sheet to go foraging for bird food! If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry! Just take the sheet with you on a walk and see what you discover.

Click HERE to download the Week 7 – In the Garden: Seasonal Food activity

Wellbeing for Children

Colouring can be a wonderfully relaxing activity, and can help you to feel a bit calmer. Colour your own bird bookmark using the sheet below. Or for something a little more challenging, follow along with the video to make a bird bookmark that holds onto your pages!

Click HERE to download the week 7 – Wellbeing for Children: Mindfulness colouring bookmarks activity 

Wellbeing for Parents

Toady has just become Sheriff of Toad Town – but there aren’t any rules yet!

Rules can be really important in a family unit, and help young people to be guided in the right direction. Take a look at the sheet below and create your own family rules.

Click HERE to download the week 7 – Wellbeing for Parents: Sheriff of Toad Town activity 

Wildlife and the World

Today loves to sit outside to see what birds visit him in his garden. How many birds can you see? If you’d like to see more in your garden, try making a bird feeder and watch as more birds start to visit! Remember to try snap a photo of the birds that eat from your feeder, and share it on our Facebook group!

Click HERE to download the week 7 – Wildlife and the World: Bird Spotting activity

Express Yourself

Toady loves the beautiful, calming sounds birds sing in the morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to sing back to them? Try downloading the song sheet below and singing along with our bird song! On the second page of the sheet you’ll also have a space to design your very own bird, and write your own birdsong to go with it.

Click HERE to download the week 7 – Express Yourself: Bird song activity

Getting Creative

If you love birds, why not bring one inside? Maybe not a real one though! In this activity you can make your very own moving cardboard bird. Watch the video to see how your birds could look, and follow along with the activity sheet below.

Click HERE to download the week 7 – Get Creative: Paper birds activity