Summary of Compliments and Complaints Policy

At Trust Links we welcome feedback on our services, projects and activities; whether you have a compliment about the great things you have experienced with Trust Links, or a complaint that your experience of Trust Links has not met the standards that you expect, we would love to hear from you. We will seek to respond to complaints in a timely and fair way and take all reasonable steps to resolve matters.

Thank you for any comments and compliments that you would like to share. If you are commenting on an individual member of staff or volunteer, we will seek to get the feedback to their line manager so that they can acknowledge the praise. We will acknowledge all written comments and compliments with a reply from the relevant manager.

A complaint is a communication in which dissatisfaction is expressed regarding an act or omission of Trust Links or its staff. 

If you make a complaint verbally to a staff member in person or on the telephone, the staff member will seek to resolve the issue immediately. If the complaint cannot be resolved, we will advise that the complaint is put in writing, so that a more formal response can be made.

A written or electronic complaint should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer or otherwise referred to them as soon as practicable.

The Chief Executive Officer will acknowledge the complaint within five working days and undertake to resolve the matter within fifteen working days after an investigation into the substance of the complaint has taken place.  Their decision will be communicated to the complainant in a letter or by email within seven days. 

A copy of our Compliments and Complaints Policy is available on request. Click here to contact us.