About us

Trust Links is your local mental health and wellbeing charity. We work across South-East Essex to support people experiencing mental health difficulties, unpaid carers and other community members. Our projects support over 1,500 people a year in Southend, Rochford and Castle Point.

We’re committed to building stronger communities, and supporting the environment through sustainable living is at the core of our work.

We offer the following services:

And so much more.

Trust Links Values

Trust Links follows five core values: inclusivity, sustainability, wellbeing, connectivity, and empowering people.

  • Inclusivity – Our sites are open to all people, and our members, volunteers and staff all play an active role in delivering our projects.
  • Sustainability – we’re committed to tackling climate change. At Trust Links, this means providing a safe haven for wildlife, protecting the environment and encouraging greener lifestyle choices through gardening.
  • Wellbeing – Trust Links is a safe space for everyone, no matter what you’re going through. Our projects help people live better lives by teaching how to manage your own wellbeing.
  • Connectivity – our sites connect people from across South East Essex. Building a community of support is one of the most valuable routes to wellbeing.
  • Empowering – we empower people to take control of their mental health and their wellbeing journey. Members learn practical skills that help with employability and independence.

Whatever you’re going through, we are here to support you.