Greening Basildon


Greening Basildon is a new project from Trust Links for the areas of Five Links, Lee Chapel and Felmores to enable local residents to improve the green spaces in their neighbourhoods. You can help us turn empty or wasted spaces into green, blossoming areas for the community to enjoy, tend to, and benefit from.

We plan to employ a small team of community horticulturalists to work with residents to improve the green spaces in their neighbourhoods.

The Trust Links wellbeing van, which will be travelling between estates in Basildon
Look out for the Trust Links wellbeing van!

Working with local residents, we will:

–         survey an area on an estate

–         design improvements e.g. planting schemes, maintenance, minor construction projects, rewilding

–         deliver workshops with volunteers and residents to implement improvements

–         return to the sites for further maintenance or improvements as required

–         celebrate achievements with communities

Benefits include

–         Improved street scene on Basildon’s estates, particularly more deprived estates

–         Improved biodiversity, helping to address the climate change agenda

–         Community cohesion and reduced social isolation

–         Reduction in loneliness

–         Better mental health and wellbeing

–         Improved physical health

–         Prevention and early identification of need

Greening Basildon will take place 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

It’s easy to join us!

To meet new people, learn new skills and play a part in transforming your neighbourhood, follow our Facebook page below to find out where we will be and simply pop along to get involved! For any enquiries, feel free to email