Can you help us to provide workshops at St Laurence Orchard?


About St Laurence Orchard

St Laurence Community Orchard, at the end of Southend Airport runway,  is more than 100 years old and provides an amazing diverse habitat and learning environment. 

Trust Links has been managing the Orchard for more than 15 years, maintaining the original trees and planting new ones, as well as creating habitats for nature. We have an amazing crop of apples, plums and blackberries each Autumn. 

St Laurence Orchard is used throughout the year for our annual Apple Day and Wassail community events. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn we also hold regular work parties to connect people to the Orchard, and to help maintain it so that it is accessible and the trees are cared for.

Can you help us help more people?

We need funding to hold regular workshops with children, families, and community members, so that people can learn about the Orchard, develop wildlife habitats, build skills around growing and harvesting fruit,  help with the maintenance of the Orchard, and engage with this rare and precious environment. 

We need your help to make it possible for us to save this vital habitat and improve our community’s wellbeing. Please donate today!

Quadruple Your Donation Now!

For every £1 you donate (up to £250), a further £3 will be added, enabling us to help many more people! We want to provide workshops, nature engagement sessions and environmental activities at St Laurence Orchard. Can you help?