Youth Links

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Youth Links is a positive peer support group for young people of secondary school age. We run a range of activities including cooking, crafts, sports and provide a safe space for young people to talk about their feelings. Our groups are lots of fun and they’re open to anyone.

Young people attending Youth Links have found that it has been a really helpful space to talk about issues such as exam pressures, anxiety, depression and identity, enabling them to develop better coping strategies.

Youth Links runs throughout the week at numerous sites.


Mondays: 5pm – 7pm for ages 11 – 14

Wednesdays: 5pm – 7pm for ages 15 – 18


Thursdays: 5pm – 7pm for ages 11 – 18


Fridays: 4pm – 6pm for ages 11 – 18


Coming soon!

Join Youth Links

If you or a young person you know would like to join the group, please visit our youth referral page.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call our team on 01702 213134, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

I really like Youth Links. The vibe is different to anywhere else. It’s really relaxed and I like everyone here – Kerry, 16

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