Trust Links


Trust Links is coming to Basildon this year!

The Trust links team talk to the Basildon community on Vange Hill Drive

Trust Links Basildon will provide community therapeutic gardening and other activities, offering valuable mental health and wellbeing support to adults with mental health needs and mild learning disabilities. The large space will provide members with the chance to connect, benefit from horticultural activities, and access wellbeing support from the expert Trust Links team.

“My keyworker and the staff always give me a chance and it’s like family. It’s because of them that I can turn it around, they are positive and helpful even when I’m not.” – Current Growing Together Member

Trust Links Basildon will soon be open to professional and self-referrals. You can complete a referral form and join our waiting list using the Become a Growing Together Member button below.

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Until then, you can read our news post to find out more here. Or if you have any enquiries, want to help with fundraising or are interested in getting involved, get in touch using button below.

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Developing the Growing Together therapeutic garden

The below image shows our phase one development plan for the Trust Links Basildon site. The plan show were our log cabin, vegetable plots, hedges and more will be located.

Growing Together Basildon development plan showing the future layout of the garden