the REACH Recovery College students with their pottery

We are delighted to have reopened face-to-face services and are maintaining our digital offer and engagement. Trust Links  Rochford is a COVID secure environment. We are welcoming members by invitation or appointment only at the moment. Please get in touch if you have an questions.

Our Rochford site opened in January 2017, utilising the green space around an environmentally-sustainable building. The Growing Together project runs every Friday from 9am to 4pm and involves tending the gardens, clearing the weeds and maintaining the pathways, planting vegetables and designing new features like raised beds and orchard planters.

Rochford is also the headquarters of REACH Recovery College, where members can enrol in creative workshops and classes designed to help people manage their mental health.

Environmentally friendly

The Eco-building is designed to be environmentally friendly and fully accessible, enabling Trust Links to provide classes and workshops to people with physical disabilities. Rochford is notable for our solitary bee habitats, which provide a valuable refuge for pollinating insects.

Rochford is a multi-functioning learning centre for people coping with mental health problems, and physical and learning disabilities. We are proud of our green building and conservation efforts at Rochford; they’re a brilliant example of what communities and individuals can achieve for the future through therapeutic gardening.

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